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Genetic counselling provides the information not only to those who are at risk group of having or carrying a genetic disease but also Counsellor enlightens their close relatives about the course of the disease, the probability of recurrence and, if any, possible treatment strategies. Counsellor, in this context, can be a geneticist, a specialised medical doctor, a biologist and a psychologist. One of the foremost duties of genetic counsellors is to convey the precise and accurate knowledge to the family members about the disease and offer them technically feasible solutions. That is why a Genetic Counsellor should never try to impose his/her personal opinions but rather should remain only as a guide.

Genetic Counselling Indications

  • Genetic or hereditary based disease and carriage
  • Identifying children with genetic diseases
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Exposure to a teratogen agent
  • Pregnancy ( maternity ) at older ages (≥35)
  • Kinship
  • İnfertility
  • Determining problem(s) in fetus during pregnancy

In our center; if any one of these indications has been determined, our medical geneticist gathers and evaluates the data. Risk of recurrence and plausible solution strategies are declared to the applicants, afterwards.