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Genetic structures which are necessary for a healthy and functional body, are present in the nucleus of the cells making up the whole body. These genetic structures are effective in the formation of muscle, skeleton, blood and all building blocks of the body and they are also essential for every single component of the cells to function properly. In order for the body to synthesize and make use enzymes, hormones and alike molecules, organism needs all that genetic information kept in the nucleus.

Genetic diseases arise depending upon the changes at the gene loci. As many of these disases appear within the birth but the rest may be observed during the course of life. Emergence of certain diseases like diabetes and hypertension is dependent on both genetic and environmental factors.

In addition to incredibly important roles of genes involving in all body functions, some certain gene regions also play significant roles as the nutrients are processed, utilized and discarded. Alterations taking place at these gene sequences and regions affect the indiviual’s respond to the nutrients. One of the main purposes of nutrigenetics is to investigate such unexpected responses and to inform the applicant about a healthy diet to minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and cancer.

Our center fulfills the nutrigenetic tests so as to predetermine the diseases that may emerge during anyone’s life and to suggest plausible solution ways to minimize the risk of disease occurrence.