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Prosigna involves the study of the expression of 50 different gene regions, called PAM50. After examination, it determines which of the four subgroups of breast cancer is compatible and gives information about prognosis.

The Prosigna Breast Cancer Gene Test provides information on the recurrence risk of the disease over a 10-year period based on tumor size and nodal status, and enables the patients to be divided into three categories: low, low and intermediate.

Prosigna Breast Cancer Gene Test; By measuring the expression levels of 50 different genes, it provides a fast and reliable determination of subtypes which are both important in terms of prognosis and important in terms of treatment protocols.

The Prosigna Assay ensures that the uncertainty of the group, which is low in the risk of recurrence and which is not in the high group and which is called intermediate, is kept to a minimum.