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The Recombine Carriage Test is a panel designed as a screening test and has been developed in order to identify people with relatively common diseases and mutations in the genetic regions that cause these diseases. Although it is not recommended for direct disease diagnosis because of the regions it contains, it can be used in some families for this purpose.

The Recombine Carriage Test is primarily used in the following groups due to the nature of the screening test:

Before consanguineous marriage
After consanguineous marriage
Before pregnancy planning
After recurrent pregnancy losses
Before IVF
The biggest advantage of the panel is that it is the only test where the common genetic diseases can be examined in a single panel. In addition, due to the latest techniques, the margin of error is low and the time to obtain results is short.

Study; exon, intron and promoter regions of the genes contained in the panel are examined and regions where genetic change is frequently observed are targeted and analyzed. Within the scope of analysis; In addition to point mutations, large insertions and deletions are also evaluated. Scope of work:

More than 250 genes
More than 250 genetic diseases
More than 2000 mutations
The average test result time is 5-6 weeks.