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The 18th year of an institution marks its experience, knowledge and strength in its future. The age of 18 of a person carries his youth, energy and enthusiasm to the peaks.

Today, our experience, know-how and expertise are combined with the excitement of the 18 years and our restless energy.

We are proud of the past, living today's enthusiasm now and look forward our future with hope.



Genetiks, founded in 2006, continues to work only as “Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Center”. With 20 years of experience in the field of genetics and full-time genetic experts, it uses all laboratory facilities to develop in genetic diagnosis.


Genetiks, being officially includud in GENDIA (Genetic Diagnostic Network) in 2007, can work simultaneously with more than 100 globally integrated laboratories and serves abroad as well as Turkey.


Genetics is able to determine more than 20.000 genetic diseases in a single center and has the ability to offer more than 15.000 tests together. Genetiks laboratories continue to work for a healthy future with fast, reliable, easy and economically accessible genetic diagnosis solutions.


Genetiks, with its developing technological and medical infrastructure, is taking important steps to reduce dependence on foreign countries. It works unceasingly for the healthy generation of the future with its advanced device park, efficient use of the latest technologies, overseas quality control system and support in R&D investments.